Some thoughts on trip from Pa to Nova Scotia

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Apr 22, 2017
Huffs Church, Pa.
Just some reflections on a trip from Pa to Nova Scotia.
Took our 28.5 class c (2001) up there - the Ford V10 did fine, a bit underpowered up hills sometimes, but worked its heart out.  Very reliable.
No problems with taking the Arcadia National Park loop road- our clearance is 11 feet, there's a nice arched bridge you go under with a published clearance of 11 feet, 8 inches, but that must've been measured at the periphery of the arch as the center seems well above that and we had no problem going under at the center.  Beautiful views from the loop road.
Went up along route 1 - Campobello Island was great with Roosevelt's "cottage" very well preserved and interesting.  A nice stop.
Crossing over to Canada at Saint Stephan - there's a new border station which we were told rv's had to go to by the border guard at Campobello- no problems with that. Driving through New Brunswick over to Nova Scotia is a bit of a long drive, but nice scenery.
Cape Breton was one of our goals - a beautiful island - the Cabot trail really scenic. We did it clockwise, thought the western coast a bit more impressive than the eastern, just our opinion.  No problem with the ups and downs, just shifted into second gear on the long downhills, chugging up the other side.
Donalda's puffin boat tour in St. Ann was great - 2 1/2 hour trip out to two islands, seals, puffins, etc.-- very enjoyable.
Baddeck a good base for Cape Breton - the Alexander Graham Bell museum really well done and interesting.
Meat Cove at the far north tip of Cape Breton a bit rough going for the RV-  alot of bumpy dirt road - views and the end nice but maybe not worth the wear and tear.
We missed the Bay of Fundy due to torrential rains, couldn't see anything,  just kept on going, but it sounds great.
Lunenberg on the south shore nice fishing town, the Board of Trade campground up on a hill within walking distance of the town, quiet.
At least for us, not a lot on the south shore, went to Yarmouth, Camper's Haven campground nice, quiet.  Then took the ferry from Yarmouth to Portland, 5 1/2 hours, some gentle swells, expensive but saved a lot of driving.
Thanks for that. Did a PA to NS trip about 15 years ago, had a wonderful time. Went in June which was early, but pretty much lucked out on weather. Went the opposite direction, starting with the ferry from Portland which was an overnight at that time. First several nights on the Bay of Fundy. Hoping to do another NS trip from PA in a couple years.
How was the road between Bar Harbor and Campobello? It was awful when we were there several years ago.

We're planning a trip back to the Maritimes next summer, PEI is our favorite.
We are planning to do PA (Lancaster, "right down the road from you") to Bar Harbor in early October.  We just got our RV (2005 Winnebago Aspect 23D)  Any good campground along the way or in Bar Harbor that you would recommend.  I have been there at least 30 times. but this will be my first in an RV. 

The road from Bar Harbor to Campobello was fine - as I recall in spots it looked pretty new.

We didn't plan ahead for campgrounds, and all the campgrounds in/near Bar Harbor were full, so unfortunately I can't recommend any one.  We ended up staying at the Walmart in Ellsworth, at the turnoff from rt 1 to the Bar Harbor road.  Actually not too bad.

For the trip we used the Allstays and RVParky iPhone apps and they were pretty good for finding campgrounds.

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