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Aug 18, 2006
I just put some Firestone Transforce HT's on this morning. For the life of me I cannot find the correct PSI table. I have a 2000 24' TIOGA. Says 11,500/15,000 for vehicle weights. I found the sticker and it only gives the PSI's for the vehicle (no load). That says 65 front/60 rear. Got it back from the tire place and all the PSI's are different. The tires are LT225/75R16's. We have about a 1000 pounds of stuff (including people). I understand I need to get each wheel weighed, but today it is not going to happen. I will do it next week. Should I just put max PSI in (80) until I get it weighed or something else? Thanks much!

I would go with the 80#s for now and call Firestone tech support Monday morning for the correct pressures. Also have them send out a pressure table for those tires.
Thanks Bernie!  I have looked for over an hour and cannot find the dang table.  I will put 80# in all tires for the 500 mile trip this weekend.
Remember, you need to have the individual axle weights to correctly inflate the tires. It's best to have each wheel weighed seperately, but weighing te axle ad dividing by two is usually close enough.  Until then, go with the max load pressure rating stated on the sidewall. Better to be over a lot than under a little.
Good morning, hope you were able to get your tire pressure issue taken care of---we just bought a TIOGA '99 24 MD and need to replace the tires.  Transforce was one of the tire models that the tire dealer suggested---about $500 less than Michelin and Bridgestone.  Never had  a motorhome before and rather confused on tire selection.  What was your decision for your choice of tires and have you had these tires before?  Thanks, Mary
Hi Mary,

I hope MDFuller sees your inquiry and responds about his experience, but meanwhile I'll try to help.

Can you elaborate a bit on the point of your confusion?  Does it concern  choosing the brand or model of tire , or how to select the size and load rating, or perhaps finding the correct pressure?
I have been very happy with the Transforce tires even though Firestone will not reply to messages asking for a PSI table.  Right now I am doing 65 PSI in the front and 80 PSI in the rears and it seems pretty good.  I am always carrying different amounts of people/cargo so I feel getting it weighed before we go to every football game is overkill.  This weekend we had seven people - next week there are two of us.  So I think 65/80 is the safest bet for me.
Every Firestone is supposed to have inflation tables for the tires they sell. Unfortunately, many of them don't know they have them or have lost them because they never use them anyway. But if you ask enough of them somebody will come up with theirs and can tell you the appropriate pressures for your tires once you have the weights.
By every Firestone do you mean every Firestone dealer?  I just cannot believe how much screwing around it takes (after spending $1000) to try and be safe on the road.  Ridiculous.
The reason for getting each wheel or wheels on an axle weighted is two fold.  One to balance the load and second - if using tire pressure tables to calculate the pressure using the weight of the heavy side as the pressure basis.  Don't ever have different pressures in tire on the same axle.  Also during very hot times - hot road surfaces have the tire pressure 7 to 10 pounds high.  More pressure - less flexing of the side walls and less heat generated.  Heat is the kiler.  Never reduce the pressure when you have been on the road and the road surface is hot.  If you want to be extra [and often too concerned] - check the forcast for the air temps. for the area you will be spending driving in that day and if you want adjust to that.  Best thing is run no more than 7 to 10 pounds over that suggested on the decal on the motorhome and don't worry.  After a long ride and as you get out of the rig - go by each tire on it and the towed touching with the back of you hand.  It you feel a hot one - check it.  I use an cheap IR remote heat thermomoter.
Just for clarification - I meant it is ridiculous that I cannot get Firestone to reply to messages/voicemails.  Not that adjusting the tires (once you know where they should be) is ridiculous :)
fredethomas said:
In Google put "Bridgestone tire pressure chart"  There are links from there that are pretty good.

Thanks, but after 20 minutes I still cannot find the applicable chart.
I too couldn't find any inflation tables  for Firestone or Bridgestone.  Wonder if they never had them  online or if they were pulled after the Ford fiasco?

There is a lot of verbage everywhere about checking to make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times, but nothing to help you know what "proper" is.    DUH!
Good find, Jeff.  I saw that "brochure" previously when looking around the web but did not read enough of it to see there are inflation tables for common Bridgestone/Firestone RV tires in it. It's unusual to package inflation tables that way, but it makes a handy brochure for RV owners who have those tires.

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