Source for Fleetwood RV Captain's chairs upholtery??

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Oct 9, 2005
I'm doing a light interior resto on an '88 Fleetwood Jamboree I bought last fall, in advance of a US tour this summer.  I would like to re-upholster the front seats.  I got a rough quote from an upholstery shop for $450-$500.  I do not want to spend that much.  Anyone know of a place that sells upholstery kits for these seats?  I see the same seat style in most all Fleetwood RVs '75 up until '90 or so (at least).  I do not woant seat (slip over) covers.  I wan't the actual pre-sewn upholstery for the seats, I will install it myself.  Not picky about fabric/color.  Any ideas?


I've never heard of a kit for them. Have you looked in the RV salvage yards for used ones?  [We used to have a list of salvage yards on the forum but I can't find it now]

Or you can buy new captains seats for around $300-400 each. See Bradd & Hall or Villa web sites for purchase info.
Click on the Library button above, select Miscellaneous, then click Resources Database. Enter Salvage in the box and click Search. This returns  two links; Click on the first one and you'll see a list of parts suppliers and RV salvage places. My usual caveat applies - we can't guarantee the accuracy of the list of places because things change and businesses go out of business.
Those seats are more than likely Flexsteel and are made by Bradd and Hall in Elkhart, Indiana. I don't think they recover but if you are within driving distance I'm sure there would be some company in that or nearby cities that would recover your seats.
I live in Indianapolis and have found a local upholsterer that is going to redo the ones in my 93 Fleetwood Pace Arrow this winter.

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