speedometer not working on Ford Coachmen F53 chassis 2000 model

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Oct 8, 2012
Hi, I have a problem with my speedometer not working on my Coachmen Mirada motorhome. Thought it was the VSS sensor on the differential so replaced that but it is still not working.
Most information I have found says faults with the VSS causes the cruise control to malfunction and the ABS lights to go on and off and the speedometer  to stop working. However this is not
happening with my vehicle. The odometer is still functioning as is all the dash lights. Only the speedometer is not functioning.  Any suggestions as to what may be the problem? Thanks for any
suggestions offered.
I also have a 2000 Ford Chassis and have learned that the computer gets speed info from two sources. It apparently compares the signal from the VSS on the differential to the signal coming from the one on the top of the transmission output shaft. I would think though, that if you are not getting any codes or having other problems, that maybe the problem is in the speedometer head itself. You might want to lift the dash and check the connections at the instrument panel....don't really know for sure, just throwing it out there.
Thanks for the reply.
Figured it out. It was with the speedo unit. My husband had the dash apart and the speedo was sitting in the sun I guess , it buckled the backing plate a little which stopped the hand from turning.
A simple easy fix after all.
thanks for your in put.
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