Spiders and snakes? Oh My!

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Jul 2, 2006
Hi Everyone!

We are planning on going full time in a few months. Now we are at the planning stage :)

I had a question about spiders and snakes getting in the fifthwheel trailers, has anyone ever had a problem with this or is it my imagination?

We are planning on parking in the Nevada area and so I know they have all kinds of critters that I would not want to meet me in my home.

Anyway advice would help or do you think I shold just go for counseling now? LOL


Counseling is not a bad idea - spiders and snakes are your friends.  :-\ Or should be, anyway.  They are both major consumers of other pests, ones you really don't want to have. Spiders consume other insects by the thousands and snakes consume small rodents (e.g. mice) and insects.

But I don't think you will have a snake problem - we have camped in all sorts of places and never had one try to join our living quarters.  You may encounter them in the vicinity of some camp sites - depends on where you go, of course.  But snakes will almost always try to get away from you, so don't panic. Just stop and let them go their own way.

Spiders are no more of a problem than at a fixed home.  If you do't have other insects in the house, the spiders will not nest there either. No food for them, so they go elsewhere.  So normal household cleanliness is the key.

Ants are occasionally a problem in RVs - just as they may be in a house.  Treat them in the same way, sealing up the foods they like (sugars, grains, etc) and using ant baits in selected places.

Mice can be a real problem in RVs. The fields around campgrounds typically have lots of them and when the colder weather arrives they may decide your rig would make  a nice warm home.  Rvs have lots of openings that mice can squeeze into and then find their way into all sorts of places.  Mouse traps and mouse baits are part of our standard supplies - never know when we might need them.
Thanks Gary!

I am happy to hear that the snakes won't be trying to get in! LOL

I am very clean and have never had problems with ants at my home but I will keep an eye open for them in the RV.

Now the spiders....keep in mind I have those electric spider chasers in every outlet in my home. Some outlets I have 2. Shold be good right??? Nope, I was making my bed (white down comforter) and I happened to lift it up to straighten it out and I saw something black....Yep, sure enough there he was...the size of a quarter, hairy with white dots on is back IN MY BED! The idea of a spider snacking on me while I am sleeping is just too gross.

I think I better check into therapy! LOL


Mice I am not afraid of...I can trap them, it's the meaty spiders with hair and the snakes that get to me.LOL
We full time around the West and Southwest and the only critter problem we have had was/were mice. Traps seemed to solve that on a daily basis :) We mainly dry camp and go to secluded areas. Also do a lot of hiking and have never run into a snake yet. There are scorpions that can be deadly to small children........mostly Az. A friend of mine did get bit by a brown recluse when he was at the Quartzite "zoo" this year :(
Enjoy your travels.....Biggest problem you might have in Nevada are the casinos ;)
Most spiders won't bother you, though I have had at least one bother me (The bite got infected, now that was a serious OUCH situtation)

As for mice, there is a lovely organic mouse trap that has additional medical benefits for it's owner (tends to lower blood pressure) it's called a Cat, I strongly suggest one, A nice, cute, cuddely one in fact.  Wife and I have one each, a not-exactly-mated pair (Ok they can mate if they wish, but it won't do much good, they are both non-reproducing)
Well, not a cat but dogs that will eat the dead critter if you don't dispose of it correctly ::) Forgot to mention that black widows are around the West also. See a lot but have never been bitten. Likewise there are rattle snakes and the Mohave Green ( both poisonous), but we stay away from each other....so far ;)
Thanks to all of you for your advice. I am taking notes on all the tips so when we go fulltime, I can have all your pointers :)

I think the cat option might be a good option :)

Thanks :)

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