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Aug 8, 2012
Can anyone recommend a nice RV park in or near St. Augustine Florida at a reasonable price. Preferably covered by Passport America or Good Sams.  Thank you so much.
I recall several recent posts on that very subject, with recommendations, and you can use the Search function and "St Augustine" to find the post threads.

Another great source of information will be where you can search in St Augustine and the neighboring areas.
Good Luck on getting St Augustine park recommendations. I asked this illustrious group that same question about a month ago and received one response advising me that I won't have a problem getting a site for a week in April 2013. No recommendations.....only hope.
As one who does not frequent the area often, I had hoped to get personal goods and bads from people whose opinion I respected.
If you can wait until after April 2013, I'd be glad to share my search with you.

We stay at the Stagecoach RV Park about once a year for a camping club rally. We think it is good. The cost is listed at $38 to $41 per night and is convenient and close to all the things we need. Not on the beach but not too far away either.

We have stayed at the North Beach Campground on the beach many years ago. It is very expensive, listed at $45 to $85.

Both are Good Sam parks with the 10% discount, but I don't believe they are Passport.
This is our favorite St Augustine CG. It's located a couple of miles north of the inlet on A1A. Close to town, walk across the street to the beach, great restaurant there also, close to the river as well. Here is the website: There is a link on the page to the current rates. We have stayed pretty much everywhere in St Augustine but we prefer this one.
About 10 miles south of St Augustine is the Faver-Dykes State Park where I am workamping through the end of December. Rates are $19 per night for non-residents for water and electric.

The lots are large and most are very private with firepits, grills, and picnic tables.  The 3 paved sites for disabled can be rented and reserved by the non-disabled.

It is drop dead gorgeous for nature lovers and Pellicer Creek runs through the park but not the campground.  Boat ramp, canoe rentals, fishing pier, etc.

I write about the park on my blog.  ;D  I love it here!  But bring some food, the grocery store is 12 miles away but ice  is available at the campground.
If you are into state parks then check out Anastasia state park, it is a great park, one of the best in FL.
I'll second Anastasia.  We prefer state and national parks or RV resorts.  Anastasia has a lot of privacy and decent roads.  We biked into St. Augustine twice.  The park as well as the entire area ranks at the top of our favorites list. 
We stayed at KOA  in St. Augustines 2 yrs. ago with no complaints.
The commercial parks on the beachside at St Augustine are pretty high priced for RV parks.  The parks a little further inland cost less and have larger sites.  The state parks are a much better option, but don't expect amenities.
Bobandpamlemay said:
Would you expect I have to wait in line at a state park inn April? Also, can they accomodate a 34 foot 5er and a need/desire for 50 amp?


April is spring break time. Better to make a resrvation if you want to stay in the state park
I went through the State Park in St. Augustines and didn't see a single site I would put my 38 footer . they were very small, lots of trees and perfect for scratching your 5er. I be surprised if they had 50 amp service. KOA was easy in and out and I'm thinking was $69.00 / night.  Definetly more money but better than scratching your equipment.
dave61 said:
If you are into state parks then check out Anastasia state park, it is a great park, one of the best in FL.

Anastasia is actually in St. Augustine. It is very nice and very close to lots of things to do in St Augustine, dining, and the beach etc. You can walk or ride your bikes to restaurants, attractions and to the beach.  They have a farmers market every Saturday inside the state park property.  Within walking distance from the camp sites.  The sites are a little tight  but it's a great park.

North Beach Camp Resort, is nice too, a little north of St Augustine, on the intracoastal waterway and across the street (A1A) from the beach.  Two very nice restaurants within walking distance, Cap's on the Water and Aunt Kate's.

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