Standard Features vs Options?

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Oct 22, 2006
? ? ?What opinions do y'all have on standard (factory installed)? vs? options(factory installed or dealer installed)? or aftermarket additions to a fifth wheel?? Opinions and experience with? everything from leveling systems and inverters, generators to tv/sound systems and awnings will be appreciated. Please feel free to let 'er rip, I am a newbie and what may be an obvious or most easily installed at factory level item may not be obvious to me. Thank you in advance for all your wisdom!!
Hard to guess what options you might want if we don't know what the standard equipment is on the model you are considering.

Dual pane glass and anything else that improves insulation is usually worthwhile

Shock absorbers - if they aren't standard (they usually are not), you should get them.  Unless the suspension is a Mor/ryde, which doesn't use shocks at all.

For larger trailers, an air cushioned kingpin (hitch) is also a nice feature.

Larger axles and brakes - most trailers come with the minimum they can get by with. A heavier duty axle will also have larger brakes and is well worth the few extra dollars it typically costs.
You might want to be careful about leveling jacks as an aftermarket add on.  Your trailer frame may not be adapted to them -- especially the lightweight frames.  Determine if the manfacturer of the trailer would recommend them.

Awnings are such a standard option, that I would not be too concerned about them, unless the mfr does not offer them as an option.

Most original trailer appliances -- fridges, heaters, etc. -- are really add-ons themselves.  Any replacement that fits the hole and plumbing and meets the power limitations of the trailer should be dependent only on the intrinsic quality of the unit itself.

Most original RV stereo equipment (ie Linear) is crap.  Very few replacement units would not be better.  The big problem is form factor -- that is, fitting the hole.

Depending on the manufacturer there can be a lot of non-advertised options especially in the interior. Newmar is one that allows a llot of changes if opdered originally.  Once the deal is firmed up, no more changes.  I don't know about others.
You are right,? one manufacturers standard feature is the nexts option....? I would imagine a converter would be almost a must? but what about an inverter? I do plan to go where there are no hookups sometimes,? so do I need one of those and how do they tie in if you buy? a superquiet honda inverter generator?? Maybe you could ask your wives if, for two people an 8, 10 or 12ft. refrigerator is nice if they are offered?? ?Is satellite or solar prep worth paying for as an option or can that be done fairly easily after if one was to want them?
I'm just trying to get a feel for the kinds of things NOT to spend money on initially and what kinds of things are a real pain or impossible to add later.... thanks, Magnolia ???
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