starter on house batteries

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Aug 16, 2012
my 1994 coronado won't start by using the house batteries system but will start when i switch to chassis batteries. the batteries are fully charged{took them out and had battery dealer test them}when i first purchased RV the engine would turn over slow on house battries but have nothing now , the rest of my house system works fine . thx for any help you can give me , i'm thinking a relay or bad connection
You need to use consistent descriptive terminology when discussing RV batteries.

The battery used to start the engine is usually referred to as the Chassis, engine or the starting battery.

The batteries used in all interior RV functions are referred to as the house, coach or Aux batteries.

If the aux start function works, I suspect either the chassis/starting battery is defective or has some poor connections somewhere.  Either to ground or the hot side.
On my Damon when the normal starting battery (Chassis or engine starting) fails I hit the button that parallels in the house (Emergency Start on my rig, may be called Aux Start, Boost or something else) then when I get parked again I go down and clean the (*@#&$ Positive terminal. (I usually do the negative and load test while I'm there)

So far, that's always cured it.

Here is why:  Instead of a proper battery terminal (They used one on the negative side) they just bolted ring-lugs onto the battery, This type of terminal is better on Marine or Deep cycle where the connection is a distance from the lug (Well the lug is kind of long) and the different metals (Washers, Bolt, Rings, and lead of the battery) corrode quickly and need frequent cleaning.

Eventually I'll fix that.  When it gets annoying enough.
thx john , i will try your suggestion and hope it'll work, i think i'm going to go thru all the connections i can find  and one by one clean them and put dielectric grease on them to slow down the  corrosion process. thx again happy motoring
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