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Mar 9, 2005
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I am considering installing a computer and monitor in the motorhome mainly to display the Silverleaf program and Street Atlas 2007 simultaneously. I would like to have both programs come up when the computer is turned on without the use of a keyboard or mouse. I plan to mount the 20" monitor above the driver's position and put the computer in the cabinet above the monitor. The computer is a new Acer Aspire L310 which is about 9 3/4" wide X 2 3/8 high X 8" deep without the power supply. For other purposes the USB 2 keyboard and mouse can be plugged in. The computer has a WI-FI capability, but only a DVD storage. An internet aircard would have to connect via a USB port.

Can I get the programs to come up as the computer is turned on? If so, how do I get it to work?  :-\


Put copies of the shortcuts to the two programs in the Startup folder (Start | All Programs | Startup) and they will start every time you log on.  However, if there is any interaction required with Street Atlas, you will need at least a keyboard, if not a mouse.

I use both programs on my laptop and find that I am always interacting with both programs, VMS to reset trips and fuel tank refills and the mapping to change routes, etc.

I guess I am suggesting figuring out a way to have the keyboard/mouse nearby.
I would use a cordless keyboard and mouse.  They can be stowed safely while traveling and brought out for use when needed.  While VMSpc can be run without any interaction, other than the resets that Jeff mentioned, Street Atlas really does need interaction at times to be useful.

If it was really important to have the programs boot up, you can always shut down the computer into hibernation and, when you restore it the screen will be as when you shut down. That still doesn't overcome the problem with the mouse/keyboard as Ned and Jeff discussed.

Thanks for the help. I now have both programs coming up when I turn the computer on. I modified the startup for my laptop and tried it in the MH. There are a lot of other issues when trying it in the MH. The computer crashed about ever other time I tried something. The GPS had to be started, etc. Looks like I will have to start the computer and check everything before I start out each morning. Therefore the auto load on start up in not very practical.

The keyboard and mouse are/were not a problem or an issue.

Yes I was and am planning to be able to see it while I drive. I don't plan to use the keyboard or mouse while I am driving. When I have the "navigator" navigate I end up passing most turns, she tries and is getting better, but still doesn't have the knack for it. As far as safety goes, I believe it is just as safe to look up as to look down. One looks down to see the speed and other things shown on the instrument panel. Most new cars have a small screen for navigation. Placing it where it is large and can be easily seen seems more safe than trying to look across the dash to see a small screen. Just my opinion.
Understand Wayne.
Didn't mean to imply that you couldn't or shouldn't do it; that's your choice. Come to think of it, there are lots of times I have to squint to see the little screen on my Garmin! With a 20" screen, you should be able to pick out rocks alongside the road :D 

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