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Aug 17, 2006
Hoping to settle a debate between me and my better half. ;)

Regarding the map of state stickers showing the states you've visited that you can buy for your RV, in everyone's opinion, what qualifies as "earning" the sticker?? My husband said just passing thru, but I was thinking at least spending the night if not having the state be the destination.

Looking for input.? Then I will only have to decide between the blank ones or the ones that have the state license plate! ???


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Feb 1, 2005
It means whatever you decide it means.  We put a state on only when we've stayed overnight in a state, but others will do so when they have just passed through.  There's no "rule".  We have the stickers that look like the license plate.


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Jan 22, 2006
Only stickers I put on are for the St Louis Rams, Blues, and a large decal on the back of the MH of my Gran Daughter as she was winning the World Championship BMXABA bicycle race in Nanimo, Vancouver Isl., BC on Aug 1, 2004 at the age of 15.  Probably one more reason I don't want to get rid of the RV.


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May 14, 2005
I only count the states where I've stayed the night or actually done something like visiting a tourist site that took more than an hour. I used to count any state that I passed through but when we drove "thru" West Virginia on I-70 which is a great distance of about 13 miles , I decided that, even though I had been in West Virginia, I just couldn't count it and changed my policy.

My mother only counts states where she's visited the state capital.

Like Ned says, it's whatever you want to count.



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Mar 2, 2005
SIERRA VISTA, AZ or on the road.
At first we did as Wendy, just passing through the state qualified, but later we changed that too, and decided that stopping in that state qualified.  We've got them all covered except Delaware.  Never wanted to take the side trip over there to stay overnight to qualify.  May some day.  Also, we've driven through upper penisula Michigan numerous times, but never the lower part.  So, as I was putting the Michigan state sticker up, it tore at the narrow junction.  So I just left the lower half off.  Makes for interesting conversations as to "how come"?

We once knew a couple who had a somewhat sporatic marked map, and being curious I asked them how they got from one state with out going through a couple of others.  They laughed and said "we only sticker the ones we've had sex in."  What a belly laugh I got out of that one.  (I'll probably get censured for that one, but that's what they told me!)
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