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Apr 8, 2019
New to the RV Forum Community - We recently bought a used Coleman/Fleetwood Sun Ridge. I have a 24 x 36 enclosed pole barn with gravel floors. A very small amount of moisture seeps up from the ground (Oregon) and there is a small leak in the big skylight on the roof. My question is, since I have the space and ability to do so, do I leave the trailer open in the shop year round or is it best stored in the closed position? Will the canvas, beds and seating areas attract and hold moisture. I suppose no more so than camping right and therefore just a preference??? Any thoughts advice would be greatly appreciated. Picture attached.


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Welcome to the RV Forum hamvandal

I would say leave it set up to avoid the musty smell. It also makes it easier for you when you need to hide from everyone :D
I would store it closed, to prevent damage to the canvas. As long as it's dry when closed up, it's not going to "attract" moisture.

We kept our pop-up in the garage when not used, never had any moisture problems. If it had rained during a campout, we set it up in the driveway until everything was thoroughly aired out and dry, then closed it and put it in the garage.
We have a coleman pop up and keep it in a pole barn that is open on the front and on one side has a open door and a large open window area. We keep it set up but with the door closed and the canvas zipped up.
This way we don't get any musty smell in it

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