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Nov 25, 2012
I am looking to buy a plot of land (or something similar) in Northern Florida on which I can install a 40 ft RV port, and park my RV in security. It doesn't need hookups, because I will only be parking there. Anyone know of any likely places?


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Dec 3, 2016
SW Louisiana
Do you have a reason for picking northern Florida vs somewhere else?  My big concern in the region would be hurricanes, if you will be storing it between Jun-Dec (well any time really as nearly 30% of hurricanes occur outside hurricane season).  If you consider north Florida, I would suggest about as far north as you can get.

I live in western Louisiana, and over the years have seen my share of major and minor hurricanes, the minor ones tend to only be bad within 25-30 miles of the coast, the major ones can cause significant wind damage 80-100 miles inland or more,  not counting spin off tornadoes and flooding.    Take hurricane Rita as an example which hit my side of the state 3 weeks after Katrina hit New Orleans, it hit as a strong cat 3, some say cat 4, but was a BIG storm just loosing some of its oomph just before landfall.  Almost nothing was left standing in the low flatlands for the first 20-25 miles of its path on shore, houses were simply gone, commercial buildings were stripped to the structural steel,  30-45 miles inland 75%+ of houses lost part of all of the shingles on their roofs (blue tarp became the standard roof color in the area for months), so many trees were down that many roads were not passable for days, even a month later many residential neighborhoods were mazes due to selective tree clearing.    Even at 80 - 90 miles inland where I live 20% of houses had significant roof damage, downed trees blocked roads, etc., in town we were without power for almost a week, I knew people just a 5-10 miles out of town that were without power for almost a month, and some people in more rural off the highway locations were without power for 6-8 weeks.

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