Storing my 5th Wheel

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Feb 7, 2019
I?m researching the ways to store my 41 foot 5th wheel and have decided to store it in an enclosed non heated building. I have two options: a unit with electricity or a unit without electricity. I am wondering if it?s important enough to pay a premium charge to have electricity to charge the batteries or just store my 5th wheel without electricity. Any advice?
We stored ours in an unheated building one winter.  Took the battery home with us and kept it on a maintainer.  It worked just fine come springtime. 

Ultimately the answer to Rene's question may be the deciding factor: will the premium outweigh the--in my mind, minimal--hassle factor of moving battery or batteries.
The only thing in the camper that needs power when stored are the batteries, unless you will be working on it while in storage. Batteries not kept charged WILL die.  Is the premium price worth not having to carry the batteries home?  Only you can answer.
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