Storing propane tanks for grill

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Sep 25, 2005
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Just bought a propane grill for the MH.  Bought a four pack of the small propane tanks for it also.  How and where do you store the tanks?  I am concerned about the safety of carrying them in the MH.  Also, doesn't seem like a good idea to leave them in the MH while it is in the storage area. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Kay
Small unrefillable propane cylinders should present no problems in storage.  Read the label as to specific cautions. 
The basic rule with the small tanks is don't store them where you sleep or where there are open flames

That means INSIDE the living space of the motor home

Basement... (motor home type) is usually isolated from the outside and should be ok.

NOTE: if you have a basement compartment that is ventelated (like the propane compartment often is) that's the place for them

Avoid compartments with electrical (Battery/inverter/charger) as well
Store any partially used bottles in a ventilated compartment.  New cans are pretty safe (they sit on store shelves for extenbded periods) but once they have been screwed onto a fitting and then removed, they have a tendency to leak. The seal is essentially designed for one time use.

Your rig's propane tank compartment will be mostly open on the bottom to assure than any escaping propane won't accumulate, but you can put a screen bottom in it to carry additional tanks.  We carry both a 10 lb tank and several 1 lb bottles there.  I prefer to have no propane bottlesstored  inside, even if unused.
Thanks for the advice.  I had read the label that said not to place it in the living area.  Will check the area where the MH tank is and see if we need to add a screen or anything--good idea.  I knew others carried it based on posts here about grills, just wanted to be sure I do things as safely as possible.  Kay
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