Super Bowl in Miami

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Jan 10, 2007
[size=14pt]Are you an RVer headed to the Super Bowl in Miami?  Would you like to be on national TV?  If so, we?d like to hear from you!!! [/size]

I?m Greg McGlone and I represent the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.  If you look outside your RV?s door, you?ll see the RVIA seal. 

We?ve been contacted by national TV shows looking to interview RVers who will be traveling to the Super Bowl in Miami.

If you, your family, or group of friends is heading down to Super Bowl XLI, we?d like to hear from you.  Please let us know who?s going, why, when you plan you leave, where you plan to stay and a picture of your Super Bowl-bound RVing group and your RV.

The TV shows are looking for everything from funny to touching to fanatic reasons why you?re on the road to the Super Bowl.

Please e-mail immediately at [email protected]



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Mar 10, 2005
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