Surge Brakes and Sway Control

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Dec 6, 2005
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My son-in-law has a hefty bass boat that he pulls behind his F150. Other than it is almost more than the truck should carry (yes, he is within the mfg specs), his main problem is with sway when he is passed. Before I open my mouth and get in trouble, my question is will a sway bar interfer with the action of the surge brakes on the boat trailer. If not, is there one that is better than the other? Also, personal opinion, the boat is heavy enough that I feel he should have a weight distribution hitch, but then again, would that interfer with the surge brakes action?

Thanx in advance

A Reese/Drawtite dual cam weight distributing hitch would provide both weight distribution and sway control.  Draw-tite weight distribution

The Equalizer brand of w-d hitch advertises that it can be used with all types of brakes, including surge brakes. Don't know if the lack of mention by other brands is simply because there is no reason to state the obvious or wheher there is some problem. I've never heard of any restriction, though.
Systems that employ chain hangers to support the spring bars, or stirrups to position a camming surface cannot, without modifying the trailer itself, be used with surge brakes.  The Equalizer unit evidently has spring bars with no horizontal movement restriction so the surge brakes are not restricted in their movement.

I had a 2 ton ocean going boat (a Skipjack 20) that I used to tow.  Even with an E-350 van, the damn thing was unstable at freeway speeds.  A local boat trailer maker Garges Welding, rigged up sliding sleeves over the trailer's frame and installed stirrups on the sleeve.  I trusted him to do the work -- the lad was a registered professional engineer (PE).  I would not trust a normal welder for work like that.

Anyway, the Equalizer seems the way to go -- WD and anti-sway in the same unit.
Appreciate the info. I'll get the word to my son-in-law.  I had read about the equalizer brand earlier and noticed it mentioned that it can be used with surge brakes, but at the time, the price seemed a bit steep, but it that is what it takes ......

Thanx again.


I noticed EBay has the Equalizer in one of their stores for $399 and it appears the shipping may be free.? That is several hundred dollars cheaper than I have seen on other sites.

Good luck,

Thanks. I'll let my son-in-law know. Great price - definately less than the $800 I've seen on their site.


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