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Oct 13, 2018
I bought a Colorado camper can someone tell me how to Switch from gas to electric
Is this a camper van with a small fridge and heater? Make and Model of fridge would be handy to ensure you get a good answer
assuming u are talking about gas to fridge.  When running on gas, you turn the fridge power button to on and turn the gas button on which tells fridge to run on gas and nothing else.  When you want to switch to electric you plug in to electric and turn the gas button on fridge off (not the power just the gas button) and it will automatically switch to electric.

Also, you can read the owners manual for the fridge and it will explain how to. 
Welcome to The RV Forum, Joy!  Feel free to jump in with any questions that arise as you outfit and use your new camper.

I took a look at the Colorado Camper website, it looks like they build a basic van conversion with a pop-top and a simple interior, leaving it up to you to supply things like a cooktop or BBQ grill and a refrigerator or a cooler.

Switching from gas to electric refers to the refrigerators included in most RVs that give you the option of running them either from the RV's propane tank,  or from 120 volt shore power to conserve propane when you're plugged into eletricity.

There are several ways to supply cold food storage in an RV without a built-in refrigerator, ranging from a camping style ice chest for short trips to powered chests using either 12 volt electricity or propane as their power source.  It's just a matter of deciding how you're going to use the camper and how long you're likely to camp without being hooked up to power.

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