tag axle brakes on a Moreride system on a 1989 35' Holiday Rambler.

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Oct 21, 2012
The master cylinder went out on my 1989 35' Holiday Rambler, so yesterday I installed a new one.  I am  a very good mechanic, worked professionally, but the Mo-ride system is new to me w/ the tag axle brakes being drum.  I bled the front and drive axles, wanting to get new fluid in and air out, but not sure what to do about the tag axle.  It appears to have its own master cylinder boost operated by some form of an air pump, located up under the rig by the main door entrance. I need to do some more investigation this afternoon, but any ideas on how to bleed and fill this system by someone in the know would be greatly appreciated.  Also any ideas on an online repair manual?
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