Taking a uhaul on the Alcan hwy

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Jan 14, 2013
Hello!    My husband is in the military and we are being stationed in Fairbanks, AK.  We would like to drive a Uhaul on the Alcan hwy...but am wondering how safe it would be.  We will be traveling mid May.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  Thank you, Krissy
Using the Search button in the toolbar above, a search on 'Alcan' (without the quotes) will find a number of prior discussions related to your question.
Many of us have traveled the Alcan (aka Alaska Highway) in our RVs, so it is certainly manageable. However, plan to drive relatively slowly in most areas and expect plenty of potholes, frost heaves, washouts and mud, especially in May when the thaw is just beginning.  Mid May is early in the travel season and too soon for much repair work to have been done.

You may find The Milepost helpful - it gives mile by mile advice on services along the entire highway.
Being retired military I know you can also contact the military in Alaska at there web sites for help and information on the drive. We lived on Fort Richardson for three years 74-76. You will love Alaska.
In 1962, before the Canadians decided to pave the road, a group of kids went on a camping trip with a Volkswagen micro bus, and International Travelall and a Uhaul trailer. Both us kids and all the vehicles made it there and back to Connecticut again.

And thus began my life long love of camping! A Uhaul on the Alaska Highway will be fine!

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