Tech issues in AZ in that heat

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
I may have to start down to Mesa in the next few days, despite gas prices. says 100 or hotter every day for at least the next 10 days. 

1.  What kinds of damage am I likely to face in my motorhome from the heat?  It's only 24' long.  16rpf isulation.  When I was there in April and May, temps got up to 112.  Although I opened it up every day and ran the FV exhaust, I didn't use the motorhome, and when I got here, the water (passing through my plumbing, not at the faucet outside) tasted like rubber.  Don't know what else was damaged. I suspect my fridge vent broke so easily because it was brittle.

2.  Is it possible to keep the MH habitable there in the heat?  I have to keep the cat alive. 

Since you have a cat to keep alive, I suggest you only stay where you have full hookups and keep the air conditioning going all the time.  If you ever let the heat catch up, it is almost impossible to bring it back to an acceptable temperature until the sun sets in the evening.

As far as other damage is concerned.  There really shouldn't be any.  Keep the blinds closed to prevent fading of the fabrics.  If you have awnings, put them out to shade the sides of the trailer, but be aware of any wind conditions if you have to leave the rig for any period of time.

Ron:  Thanks for the comments.  I just hope the power never goes out with the cat in the motorhome.  And the air conditioner holds up. 

I know what you mean about wind.  I was in a mall for less than a half hour last summer and went outside to very strong winds.  Had to rush back to close down the awning. 


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