Tekonsha Brake Controller Tech question

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May 26, 2005
I'm a new tent trailer owner and have a Tekonsha Sentinel brake controller that was included with the trailer (used).  The previous owner says it works fine and I have no reason to believe he would be dishonest. 

I installed the controller yesterday and after setting up the level, I was following the instructions to adjust the gain.  The I cranked up the gain knob to get the 2 LEDs lit like the instructions said, but I can't get any of them to light.  I measured the output voltage at the 7-pin connector with brake applied and the gain varies that voltage from +.5VDC to +8VDC at max.  Is this normal operation?  Or shoud I get a full 12-14 VDC out to the trailer?  Or will the voltage increase under load when the trailer is connected?  I didn't have time last night to hook up the trailer and do the 25 MPG brake calibrations that the instructions require, but will get to that tonight. 

Any insight/advice/lessons-learned that anyone can share on this controller and it's operation will be GREATLY appreciated as I want to take the trailer out this weekend.

Thanks in advance.

Bob G.

From what I read on the Tekonsha website here: http://www.tekonsha.com/tesentinelintro.html (Installation manual), you MUST have the trailer hooked up before making any adjustments except for level. The blue wire is feedback from the brakes and that signal is required for the controller to operate properly. While you're at it, check all connections for corrosion or poor attachment, then hookk up the trailer and do your calibration steps.
Thanks Karl,

I have paper instructions that contradict that.... I guess I should've checked their site.

Thanks again.

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