Test: attemp to provide "link" to Photobucket web page

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Mr Bojangles

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Feb 4, 2006
Hamburg, PA.
Hello All:

This will be an effort to direct members to my pictures in Photobucket. Once I see it working, I will be going to "Private for-sale and wanted items".

Ok... I will post, then look!
I think it worked....

Now I have to contact Tom, our administrator (forum) and either EDIT or create new posting in "Private-for Sale...." as I want to change PRICE and ADD access to these Photo's for prospective purchasers.

Thanks all for space in TECH forum area.

Your link returns a 404 error (page not found). Maybe it's because I don't have a photobucket account?

Meanwhile, please check your email for a message from me.

I know what to do regarding the Forum's "Private-For Sale ....... ......" existing posting, Tom will edit, changing price, and providing email address to contact me for Truck picture delivery...,
Thanks Tom.

Once I find out how to provide a "link" to photo's, I will post new in "Private-For Sale ...... .....".

Photobucket (Web Page) maybe the wrong site to accomplish what I want.... provide images of my truck to help individuals determine if "follow up" is warranted. Use of Web site would end at sale.

Error 404 may be fixable, (web site greek to me)......
Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Possible even a new web page that is "User friendly" .
Why not just post the pictures here as attachments to your message?

Thanks for reply......
I have around 2o some pictures of this truck......
Since I've disclosed that hail damaged truck, (over 10 K) I want to show the way this truck was taken apart to "thoroughly" repaint this truck.
Top of cab removed....
All doors removed and repainted......
Truck bed removed.....
A series of pictures one would see on a professional site offering truck for sale.

For this reason I wanted to provide link....
The pictures (minus repainting Pics) are on Craig's list, Allentown, Cars and trucks, 2008 Ram3500.
Maybe this reference would be enough?
I will continue to attempt link for my education.


Could you click on the "hyper link" (?) displayed in beginning of this post (as Tom did getting 404 Error) to confirm this error message?
Do you know of other sites that would be easier to accomplish what I'm trying?
Jim, is this your album?

Mr Bojangles said:

Could you click on the "hyper link" (?) displayed in beginning of this post (as Tom did getting 404 Error) to confirm this error message?
Do you know of other sites that would be easier to accomplish what I'm trying?

I did and and got the 404 page as well.  Tom's link works but goes to a page with no photos.  I still say the easiest is to post your photos as attachments to a message here and save people the trouble of having to navigate another web site.
I'm going to compare to my original Link posting, I guess to understand what the difference is....

If you were able to get to "Photobucket" page, maybe you did not scroll down far enough..?

Anyway..., if you do scroll down and get pictures, let me know.
My goal is to post new Ad with "a" link to pictures.
I was able to use Tom's link and get pictures (anyone else?) He may have solved my problem. Oh...., OK maybe just one of my problems Ha, Ha.

I compared the links and have seen that at end of links the difference is:
/Profile  ..... my link.
/Library .....your link.
Makes sense when looked at from here.
That you were able to recognize this error is amazing to me.  Your the man!

I will now wait for confirmation from someone else (your link works) then post a new ad with "link" and new prce.
I, as member can view pics, but can someone (non-member of web page) see photo's. Can Ned, or others?
Wait till you see all those Photo's then see if you change your mind regarding "method" used to display photo's.
Thanks for inputs and help.
Sorry, that page doesn't scroll.  It's just empty of content.  I'll be happy to look at your photos right here.  You can attach up to 12 files to a single message and use additional messages if you have more than 12.
Don't know what it is with links to that site, but they seem to give inconsistent results. FWIW Jim has 28 photos in that album I linked to; It works for me, but apparently not for Ned.

Jim, I found the album by searching the site using your user name which was in your original link.
That page uses scripting and I had to unblock pbsrc.com to get the photos to show. 
Jeff said:
It does not for work me either using Firefox.

If you're using NoScript, you have to unblock pbsrc.com on that page.
Thanks everyone for your participation in this TESTing activity.

I believe I will just explain in AD that, if pictures are needed to determining truck's acceptance for purchase, then send email requesting same.
Script or Noscript, very confusion and potentially dangerous I guess.
I went to Google, then Wikipedia in effort to understand and came away with my head spinning..., ha ha.
I have been performing FULL scans of my computer since using this Web site (Photobucket) and do see corruption I have not seen before.
Thanks again people
The script blocking has nothing to do with your computer.  It's a security feature that many of us use in our browsers to protect against malicious web sites.  Pictures posted on the RV Forum do not require scripting to view and so are safe.

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