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Oct 26, 2005
We are planning our first trip to Rio Grande Valley this winter and we are looking for a park that has tennis courts as well as a fitness room with some free weights and a bench, not just a machine. Does anyone have any information on parks that meet that criteria. This is our first post and hope it is going in the right place. Thanks for any help.  ???
Welcome to our forum. Your post was in the right place and hopefully someone will have an answer for you.
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Greetings from a Winter Texan!!!

Many of the Wilder Parks - Tip of Texas, Tropic Star, Texas Trails, etc. - have tennis courts. I'm most familiar with Texas Trails - 6th year coming up in a couple of weeks. TTrails does have a small fitness room and I'm fairly certain that it does not have free weights - at least not an extensive set or area for use. That being said, there are literally more than a hundred parks in the Valley and I'm certain that there is one that will fit your requirements. I'd suggest some web investigations into the Wilder and Encore parks and then some on-site visits. Most of the parks are not full - especially in Nov and Dec - and will accomodate daily and weekly residents.

Good hunting!!!

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Thanks for the ressponse, we have done extensive looking on internet and there are so many parks and many do not have web sites, if anyone else has info please let us know. We will make some phone calls and see what we can find out. Looking forward to our trip to the valley. We have heard good things about it.
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