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Dec 11, 2006

We just purchased a vintage travel trailer (we are thinking mid to late 60's model).  It is in primo condition and was only used a few summers.  It has been in storage until my hubby stumbled upon it while surveying.  The only markings on it is Sunset Traveler.  We don't have any other information about it.  The only thing it needs is some elbow grease, new curtains, flooring, and some febreeze ;)  I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Sunset Traveler.  It's 16 ft, has a dinette set, stove, ice box, bunk beds, and lots of storage.  We can't wait to restore it.
You can add to that list of needs:

1.  Tires, if they are over 5 years old and urgently if they are over 7 years old.
2.  A brake checkout and inspection.
3.  Battery  -- same age range as tires.
4.  Wheel bearing inspection and repack.
5.    Weight distributing hitch and anti-sway system.

Any rate enjoy your new toy, with a rig from the 60s you may well have a classic.  HERE is a site that seems devoted to such neat old toys.
Thanks for the reply.  The link contains some interesting information and true beauties.  My hubby is quite the handyman and will be taking care of all that mechanical stuff.  I told him to handle the outside and I will take care of the inside, which we are trying to keep as orginal as possible.  ;)

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