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Mar 12, 2009
We had planned to be in Florida about now but since the week after Thanksgiving my left leg has been giving me a lot of pain. Set up an appointment with my previous back doctor but it was for Jan 10. He's the one that did my L4/L5 fusion 20 years ago. Two trips to the ER because it was so bad just got me pain pills. Third trip to ER, in an ambulance, I was so bad they thought I was having a heart attack, three days in hospital and finally my Dr. moved Appointment up to last Saturday. He found arthritic bone spurs on my lower spine. One nerve canal blocked 95%. Mylagram is scheduled for Jan 4 and a decision will be made then.

Wish me luck, this is really getting old. I hate pain pills but they are my best friend for now. I keep looking out the window at the MH but that just seems to make it worse.
As I sit here reading your post with my cervical collar on (going on 2 mos.), I can sure empathize.  I had a major lamenectomy back in June.  Then in November I had C4-5-6-7 fused.  I'm still depending on pain pills at least once a day as I had quite a bit of spinal cord irritation occur.  It's amazing what doctors can do these days, but still can be disappointing.  Hopefully, your surgery will go well and you'll be dancing a jig in a few weeks.

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