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Indeed you should exercise caution and verify that what you are ordering is on the list, however, do not avoid Amazon just because they had problems 5 years ago, Trust, but Verify................

Yes, Amazon got bit last time. I highly suspect that they are being somewhat more cautious about the solar eyewear they allow to be listed. Understand that many of the products listed on Amazon (including most of these solar viewing glasses) are sold by others thru the Amazon system. Amazon stocks what is sent to them by the third party, and takes the orders and ships and then the third party gets their money.

In the case of the ones I linked to above, Soluna (GSM sales) they are in fact on the list Knobs linked to, along with Lunt, Thousand Oaks and Rainbow Symphony.

If you do an Amazon search for Eclipse Glasses these are virtually everything Amazon has listed, and at the top of the screen they have placed a message

"Safety requirements for solar viewing
Amazon has implemented safety requirements for all filters for solar viewing offered on the site.
› Learn more"

The problem is, if you click on it you get the "we're sorry" message, as the link is broken. It would appear that Amazon has done their due diligence this time.

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We are about 30 miles SE of the blue line in WNY.
I think I will just sit in my back yard and watch it.
As we are getting closer to the April 8 date I thought I would push this to the top again.

I've been trying to make some plans, and discovered how "jacked up" the Illinois DNR web pages are for state parks and wildlife areas. I was finding campground descriptions and directions and addresses did not match the campground I was looking at. More on that in another thread.

The World Shooting and Recreational Complex located just NW of Sparta in the zone of totality boasts 931 Motorhome/Trailer sites !!! however I am looking at a couple of campgrounds that are closer to the middle of the path and much smaller.

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We're lucky for the April 2024 eclipse - 99.97% coverage at our house. The state parks in the path of totality are booked solid. So we're very happy to avoid the crowds and watch from the driveway.
My small ranch is in the center of the path, so our MH will stay garaged. April is generally unsettled weather so I may see the bottoms of clouds or all blue.
I saved our glasses from the last solar eclipse that we watched in TN.
Looking at the map we are about midway between center line & eastern edge so not haveing to go anywhere . Our Son & my Wife's sister will bring thier RV's and use our two guest sites.
We live in Morrilton AR.. Which is very close to the center of the band. Depending on the weather...I'll be out in the boat fishing during the the eclipse. Hope it helps the fishing.
We're staying home in Southern Illinois. We were in the center of the path on the last one and will be again for this one. Weather was perfect for viewing last time and we'll just have to wait and see for this next one.
BIL in Burlington Vt, said that all the hotels and motels are booked solid and prices are thru the roof. I received notes from CG's in the area that they will be open. BIL advises that we watch it on TV as the temps in April can be very low and cloudy skies are very likely that time of year.
Hope it all works our for those that go...
Safe travels and all the best.
Thanks for the reminder I need to replace the brake booster on our coach before driving 500 miles to central Texas for this eclipse
For me, it all hinges on what the weather is looking like. I have no plans at the moment, but I bet I can find some place, just as I did in 2017.

My truck is close to needing brakes and I am gathering up the stuff to do it. Just received a Mityvac bleeder kit today. Already have a set of Akebono pads and all the flex hoses including the tube across the rear axle that has hoses on the ends of it. Gonna order some of the fancy red calipers so I don't have to watch my $$$ rust away. That will probably wait until after the eclipse.

Another place to buy dependable glasses is the Astronomical League.


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