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Mar 3, 2005
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Love ?em or hate ?em, you?ve got to applaud their cunning and ingenuity. You?ve probably all heard about deadbeat dads being suckered in by offers of  ?free trips? or ?being a drawing winner? to get them into one place where they can be arrested, tried and sentenced for not making alimony  and childcare payments,  but the Oklahoma State Patrol has taken it one step further. Here?s how it works: As you travel about 10 miles north on I-35 out of Oklahoma City, there is a large, temporary sign set up that says ?WARNING! NARCOTICS INSPECTION CHECKPOINT, One Mile, Be Prepared To Stop! As luck would have it for those who are carrying illegal drugs, there is a ?parking area? (like a rest area without facilities) shortly after the sign where they could dispose of said drugs. Unfortunately for them, the State Patrol (unbeknownst to them) is watching for any such activity ? a sure ?Gotcha?! For those who can?t think fast enough to get rid of them there, there is another temporary sign with the same wording ? mile up the road, and another ?opportunity? to avoid getting caught presents itself, for there also is a turnaround across the median (clearly marked ?No U-Turn?), where they could go back from where they came. Another ?Gotcha?.  Now here?s the beauty of this scheme: THERE IS NO CHECKPOINT going north on I-35! It would be impractical and perhaps illegal to stop every vehicle on a busy Interstate, so they let the bad guys hang themselves. If you get rid of the drugs at the parking area, they have eye-witness evidence against you; if you make an illegal u-turn, they have probable cause to stop and search your vehicle, and I wouldn?t be at all surprised if they didn?t have a drug-sniffing dog right on the scene! That explained the 5 patrol vehicles and the 3 cars they had pulled over on the southbound shoulder of I-35. It must have taken a genius (or former drug-runner <g>) to come up with that one, and I cannot help but applaud him or her for their cunning, wit, and downright sneakiness! Let?s raise one to the good guys!!! ;D ;D ;D       
Sound like a good idea to me.  Now if they would just go one step further and give any body caught with drugs a dose of all the drugs they find in the drugies  possesion, after documentiong the find with photos etc, an then press the drug chagres on the surviors. ;D ;D ;D
Karl, the reason they have to go through such charades is they won't let the cops do their jobs.  Their used to be a OK Highway patrol officer in OKC who had an uncanny knack for stopping drug runners. He always stopped them on some legimate charge, traffic offense, and they stopped him from doing it.  The same with the FL Highway Patrol officer on I-95 near Daytona Beach.  They stopped him from doing his job.  We have to protect the drug runners rights!!!!


Did you stop at the first one or the second one?  ;D

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