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Jan 22, 2006
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
On a warm sunny day in the summer of 2000 my brother in law and sister drove in to my driveway with a bright and new 32' Cardinal towed by a new F250.  I was fascinated by this heretofore unfamiliar lifestyle.  To me the RV was an obstruction in the road from which I gained great satisfation in passing.  I even called them "Got Ya's" after some of the names I'd seen on them in the past.  We would go to the campground they were staying at, near my house, and sit with other RVists and listen to tales over a campfire.  The wanderlust spread from there and soon I owned a ten year old Jayco and did my own travels despite being bound to a desk in my other life.  The Jake, small as it was, is to remain a favorite and be revered for being a gentle teacher of the trailerist ways.  I sold it and bought a 36' toyhauler which is great but not a fulltimer's rig.  We traveled all over the West with it and have been pleased.  It enabled my other addiction to motorcycles, putting them safely in the rear with my tools and workbench.  My brother-in-law passed in 2001 but his legacy lives on with Carol and myself.  We are about 2 years out to retirement and have selected a larger toybox with fulltime capability and as some of you have indicated in another thread, a larger truck.  We have been researching anything and everything.  Finances are the first priority although we will still become fulltimers even if the numbers are not so positive.  I remember looking at MH initially and being taken by them.  I then sat down and calculated upkeep and was impressed with those numbers.  The 5r just makes sense for us and the one we will more than likely get will have the same regalness as many of the MH's we have looked at.  Tow vehicles are being researched and I like the medium size truck due to its longevity.  I figure I will own two to three 5r's during my retired wanderings, but will have but one truck.  Our next step is to research the State we want to retire out of in which Nevada and Texas rate quite high.  Taxes and MVD hassle are always on my mind.  Medically we will have military health care which will be adequate for the infirmities down the road, (we hope).  The people we meet are the best and I can honestly say I have never felt alone in any campground except when I wanted to be.  I want to do part time work such as subing in a high school (I am a demented person) during the winter and possibly selling coffee at motorcycle rallies.  If you ever went to one of those rallies you know what I mean by having an open market.  I figure having a business expense will let us travel and see things all the while getting some deductions.  I do counseling for a living and have an opportunity to work with an organization that travels to different organizations, military, corporations, schools and do Suicide Prevention Training for a more than decent wage.  If anything really happens the way I want it to will be the completion of the book I have been writting for 6 years.  That will be a landmark in my life.  Cell phones and computers work almost anywhere and Satellite will keep me informed about the news.  Seems simple but very awesome.  I look forward to it as it has the potential of being the happiest time of our lives.  I wonder if you can purchase a warranty on that!  The research will continue for the next two years and hopefully we will have it right as we pull away from or stick house and move on to our new life.  It will be a happy day to share the Quartzsite fire!  Thankyou all for the help you have given to Carol and me.  God knows, we need all the help we can get.

Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Hi Fastphil,

That is quite a story! It has happened do many of us and what you say is so true. So many great people in this lifestyle and they are all willing to help in any way needed. I'm sure you will enjoy your years on the road. We have full timed for 9 years now and expect to do it for a few more. We're glad you found us here and enjoy the forum. Perhaps we all can meet somewhere along the road.
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