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Jul 29, 2011
crestview, fl
On a trip DW and I spotted this class C, ON THE ROAD. It is apparently a fulltimer. I really don't see how it is safe or even able to go but it does.

I'm at a loss...



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I have seen RVs in much worse shape than that during my Walmart parking lot days and I wondered the same thing, how does it stay together? But even worse than that is the station wagon pulling a 32 foot trailer with the tongue almost touching the ground.
I seen a Class A in Arizona this summer that I wondered the same thing. I got along side of it and realized by the sound of the engine that it wouldn 't be on the road long. I really felt sorry for the ederly gentleman driving it because it appeared that the RV was all he had.
I remember walking home one day when I was a kid. An old Hudson with the body cut off behind the front seat and a cab over camper body in it's place rounded the corner ahead of me, I saw daylight under the driver's side wheels. I figured I was gonna get squashed.
A few years ago we were heading north on the highway from Seward, AK.  Heading south was a class C with the driver's side slide fully extended with someone walking around behind the driver.  We speculated it was a rental and maybe they didn't know any better, or just didn't care.
Whoah- duct tape and plywood.  :eek:

There are some abandoned RV's in the lot we store ours in. We are only a few hundred feet from the ocean and they are literally covered with barnacle like moss. Sad really.

[quote author=Stella]
There are some abandoned RV's in the lot we store ours in. We are only a few hundred feet from the ocean and they are literally covered with barnacle like moss. Sad really.

Stella, I would recommend moving your rig to another storage lot before your undercarriage and frame has significant rust buildup.  I've parked my coach near the ocean (about 1/4 mile) for a total of 12 weeks over the last two years while CG hosting and I can definitely see the additional rust underneath.

I think you would have to be a few miles from the sea to avoid the salt spray in the air.
I'll bet those abandoned RVs have only been there a couple of years.  Salt water spray is terrible stuff.  You don't only have to be concerned about the undercarriage - salty air will rapidly corrode almost everything in and around the RV.  Unlike boats, few RVs use stainless steel hardware.

Electrical connections.  Exterior fasteners.  Metal trim.  Brake, suspension and driveline parts.  That shiny fiberglass finish.  And on and on.
Here are two unusual RV's I have come across on the road.....


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Yeah- I will have to find storage away from the salty air. I love my RV and don't want it prematurely aging at all. It will have to wait till I can scrape up the funds though- out here storage is expensive- $100+ a month.  The lot I am on is on a military base so we only pay $35. Of course the costs of damage out weigh the savings in this case but I need to get up the cash to move it.  :p

Those two home-made ones are very creative!

In 1986 myself and 6 other teens made our way to the World Expo in Canada in a cabover camper on a 71 ford pickup.  When we were there I saw this RV and thought it was pretty cool! It had a wooden back porch and stained glass. :D



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Shame not everyone can't afford one of those rolling castles.

Just could be the folks in Steve's pics were hit by a storm and had to go elsewhere. Could be they had lost everything else as a result. It happens.

We have met some great RVers and we have met a whole lot of snobs too.
I have some strong words for the snobs that I can't use here. We may not have the huge DP rig, nor a lot of loot to toss around, but don't like the conotation that comes across with the term "poor man's".
Mine is an old American Eagle, but we had a 2006 before and it was like new.  But still some of the $200k ones still looked down their noses.  I don't really care, I have what I have and like it so they can do as they please.  I'm glad folks have some like that they are beautiful but we chose to spend our money elsewhere yet still want to have fun.  I appreciate the beauty of theirs, but I also appreciate the old one we have and feel pretty kindly to the old girl.  She is holding her head up again and that makes me proud to drive her.

I seen no "judgmental" posture in Original post......
If any thing was suggested, it had to do with safety of the rig. Unit may have been ok for road but certainly did not give me that impression.
And comment by "Molaker" had to do with materials and their popularity with "Poor men". IMHO, for you to infer "Judgement" in his statement means your thinking was temporarily incorrect, we all can get there for sure.

Nothing wrong with being POOR, my Dad always said, "there was a good chance they were honest", when we seen someone with less than us. And yes, Dad's statement was Judgmental. Go figure......
I think safety would be a major concern in all of those examples. They may look funny or unusual ,but are they safe? I suspect not.
Honor has nothing to do with a person's bank balance. Honor is the true worth.
I simply don't like seeing people grouped into classes based on finances and possessions.

I do take offense, I was not judging anyones net worth, only pointing out a serious road hazard. When I looked at the unit the whole body had come loose from the floor and settled down at least a foot. Definitly not safe!

By the way, it had florida tags and was northbound. I don't think it was Sandy damage.

And mine is not a rolling castle either! It's my "Poor Man's Condo"

Steve, I don't recall pointing a finger at you, only made mention of the fact you posted a pic. Take no offense at that.

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