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Aug 17, 2005
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Astronomers Agog Over Stellar Explosion

February 23, 2006 | The astronomical community is abuzz with activity following the closest long-duration gamma-ray burst (GRB) observed since 1998. Major telescopes on the ground and in space are being trained on the source. Research astronomers have high hopes that further study of this event will provide crucial details about the connection of long GRBs (extraordinarily powerful bursts of very-high-energy radiation that last several seconds to several minutes) to supernovae (the explosions of massive stars). Advanced amateur astronomers will monitor the explosion's expanding fireball, which should brighten to about 16th magnitude over the next one to two weeks....



London Planetarium to Close

February 22, 2006 | The stars at one of central London's well-known tourist attractions will go dark for good this July. Madame Tussauds waxworks, the owner of the London Planetarium, has decided to close the facility as the company shifts its focus from science education to entertainment. The planetarium (renamed the Auditorium) will soon replace its shows with programs about celebrities....



February 24 - March 4

Catch a thin crescent Moon and Mercury at dusk, big Saturn in the east, and big Jupiter at dawn.



RS Ophiuchi in Rare Outburst

This famous recurrent nova has erupted for the first time in 21 years, reaching magnitude 4.8 on February 13th. Catch it as it fades.


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