Those rubber roof bluuuuues are gone!

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May 13, 2012
Still a new rv owner with all the fears and excitement of being behind the learning curve.  ???  I must say the search engine on this site works wonderfully.  I've been on some forums where it is almost useless.  My very white, clean, shiny rubber roof when purchased used last year was icky with tons of black spots and funk after living outside for a year.  Some of the caulk is still fairly flexible but some is beginning to crack.  Newbie fears had me considering taking it to CW to have it "properly" cleaned, treated and caulked.  $$$$$$$$$$  An hour or so of searching, reading and finally climbing on top of the beast and jumping in has yielded fair results.  The front of my 25' class C roof is fairly clean but the spots get darker toward the back.  I guess the bleach died in the simple green and water as I worked my way to the back.  How much bleach to use was a concern but the search engine gave me more good results and I'm going up on the beast again and attack!  I've even decided to remove the vent and a/c covers, clean them and recaulk everything up there.  I also found that the screws in the stainless (aluminum?)railing around the top rear and sides are loose and rusty - the ones in the railing, not on the roof connections.  I guess better quality screws are going in while I'm up there. 
That's a long winded way of saying THANKS! to all who have contributed their knowledge in the quest for rv nirvana.  Well, maybe not nirvana, but you've certainly removed some of my more irrational fears and saved me a ton of money!
You will find that there are a ton of things that you can do/fix yourself on these things. Don't be afraid, just research and go for it.

Sometimes it's like trying to eat an elephant, just go one bite at a time. Most of the time someone on here will have a recipe that will make it a little more tender and tasty too! ;D ;D ;D

Enjoy that rig!!!

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