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Dec 30, 2018
East Texas
A friend of mine has a tiny little monkey that she travels with, its so cute.  Its only about as big as my hand.  She said it rides around on the cat and drives the cat crazy lol.  The carrier for it looks like a purse.  I think this would be one of the many pets that would be perfect for RV'ers.
There are many campgrounds that exclude "exotic" pets, meaning anything other than a cat or dog.
Cats and dogs both have a naturan instinct to not foul their den. that makes it almost automatic to house break them. Monkeys live up in trees. Hence, they can eliminate freely, without fouling their nest. They can be difficult to impossible to house break. I speak from experience. They really do not make good pets.

I'm not a fan of animals being taken from their natural habitat to be sold as pets.  Some are getting close to extinction because of people in the West wanting "trendy" pets.

Hopefully your friend's was a rescue.

Sorry to be negative.
"Some are getting close to extinction because of people in the West wanting "trendy" pets."

Or people in the East wanting to eat their parts.
jackiemac said:
Hopefully your friend's was a rescue.

Yes i do remember she said something about rescue but was not really listening at the time as i was so amazed at its tiny cuteness.

She said its as big as it will ever get but i dont know the kind of monkey.  I guess it could be a finger monkey.

Arch Hoagland said:
I'd love to see a video of the monkey harassing the cat!!

I will ask her to see if she has or can make a video.

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