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Bob Zambenini

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Mar 4, 2005
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I have not used the Tiny URL method a lot but did today on a long one. I know they are good on the Yahoo Groups as a lot of long addresses get messed up.

I see you can convert a link to a Tiny URL  at many different places, per Google search.

Is there some hidden 'cost' to doing this, such as the convertor capturing your email address for spam lists, or something like this?

If I bookmark a tiny url, does it expire in time and will my bookmark then be not useable?

Also I see some other things here like a lighlighted word or phrase that is a hyperlink in a message and not sure how you do this.

Just wanting to learn a bit more from all the smarts here!  Like how or by what process can they convert this long link into such a short one?


We use the following procedure to imbed links in a message.


Everywhere you see a curly bracket above, replace it with a square bracket.

Curly bracket = { or }

Square bracket - [ or ]

If I didn't use curly brackets in my example, all you'd see is the final format: LINK

Change the http://www imbeddedlink.com to the address you want to point to, and change LINK to whatever text you want to appear in your message.

There is more discussion on this in the Forum usage and quick tips.


I'll let someone else respond to the Tiny URL questions.

Also I see some other things here like a highlighted word or phrase that is a hyperlink in a message and not sure how you do this.

A couple of ways:

  • Type it out long hand: (url=http://www.rvforum.net)RV Forum(/url), replacing my parentheses ( ) with square brackets [ ].
  • Use the insert hyperlink icon above (one line above the smileys) to insert the url & /url tags with the square brackets.
The major problem with Tiny URLS from TinyUrl.com from what I understand is that they expire

So, today, I click on your tiny url, I get cookied by tiny url, and I go to the page you send me to

Tomorrow, much the same

Next year,,, It will likely go to a totally different page
My objection and that of many others is you can't see exactly where the link is taking you until you click on it and the redirect is resolved.  I never click on a tiny URL from anyone I don't personally know and trust.  The link may take you somewhere you don't want to go.
According to TinyURL, the links never expire, but I share Ned's concern about not knowing where you're going in the first place. I also wonder how it handles site certificates, if at all. Do you get a warning or not, if something isn't right?

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