tire balancing on 19.5

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Sep 15, 2005
Ya'll are gonna get tired of me quick.....one more question .....what is the going recommendation on balancing tires on a 32'
We won't get tired of your questions, but I'll let someone else answer this one.
My preference is to use Equal for balancing. ?No weights to fall off and the cost is about the same as spin balancing without the factor of the experience of the balancer. ?You do need to use dry air when airing up your tires but the maker of Equal have a filter that you can use inline with your air chuck to ensure the air is dried. ?If you have a diesel with air brakes, you already have an onboard source of dry air. ?See http://www.imiproducts.com/equal/tire-balancing.aspx for details.
I highly recommend Equal installed by a quality tire dealer that knows how to install it properly. ?Once installed no further balancing is required. ?Personally I do not like the lead weight type balancing.
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