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Aug 14, 2005
Dewey, AZ
OK, I give up on this date coding.? On our front tires all I can find is DOT 4H93.? That doesn't match anything I can find on the coding and I've searched and searched.? Does anyone have a suggestion?? I read and reread the article in the forum library and nothing is fitting.? HELP!!!!!? What am I missing?  I've told hubby I'm not going anywhere 'til I know the date of mnfg on all tires. 
If that is the number after the DOT it looks like your tires were manufactured in 1993 which makes them over ten years old. 
There should be several numbers following the DOT letters, not just "4H93". If you don't see a longer string of numbers in the place you are looking, find another "DOT" somewjere else on the tire. It may be on the back side.  You want the last group of numbers, which will be slightly separated from the rest and be either 3 or 4 numbers, depending on whether the tires were made before 2000 or not.

The complete DOT (Department of Transportation) code is in the following format: DOT MMM SS TTT DDDD where MMM is a 3 digit manufacturer ID; SS is a tire size 2 digit code; TTT is an optional tire type code; and DDDD is the date of manufacture code where the first 2 digits indicate the week of manufacture and the second two digits are the year, i.e.: 2802 would indicate that the tire was manufactured the 28th week of 2002.  If made before July,2000, the last group will be only three digits, WWY, where WW is the week and Y is the last digit of the year.
Thanks so much Ron and Roamer for your responses.? I'm going to crawl back under and see what else I can find.? I'm bound and determined to have this info before we go out on the road.? We took delivery a week ago, it's parked in our driveway now so I have easy access (except for this old lady crawling around on the concrete hehe).? ?With no general manual of any kind (I've ordered Woodalls general RV manual) I'm sure you are going to get sick of my questions.? Ron, I noticed your location because I lived in MT for years (Kalispell).? Thanks again you two.? ?:)
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