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don jensen said:
I am thinking of buying the Tire Guard service and am wondering if anybody has used this service.



Could you explain a little more what "Tire Guard Service" is. I've never heard of it, or are you referring to emergency road service where they come out and change your tire if you have a flat? We may be talking about the same thing, just calling it a differant name.
It is Road Hazard Coverage for Tires and Wheels by a company called Tire Guard.? This is their website www.tireguardusa.us

This is their gig.

Road Hazard* Coverage
3 to 7 Years**
If a tire can be repaired, Tire Guard will pay for the repair
If a tire cannot be repaired, Tire Guard will pay for its replacement. This is not subject to any pro-rata adjustment or deductible.
Tire Guard will pay for repair or replacement of a wheel/rim damaged due to the failure of a tire covered under the contract.
Tire Guard will pay for mounting and balancing of replacement tires.
Tire Guard will pay up to $100.00 for road service related to a covered claim.
Tire Guard will pay for all sales taxes associated with repair or replacement.
*Road Hazards are those unusual conditions of the highway which should not exist such as pot holes, metal objects, glass, etc.
**The coverage period is for three to seven years from delivery date of the vehicle or until there is less than 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining on the tire, whichever comes first.

I investigated it  about 4 years ago and decided it was not worth the price.  What are they charging now?

First of all, I carry an RV road service policy (Coach-Net) anyway and would still want/need one  even if I had the tire guard coverage. Coachnet covers road service calls, including tire service, so I already have that piece covered.  And road hazard damage to tires isn't very common, so the risk - and the lieklyhood of colecting a benefit on the policy - is low anway.

By the way, $100 does not cover a lot of "road service" - a service call costs that much if you are right next to the garage.

The upside is that an RV tires are expensive and if you do manage to collect on the Tire Guard, it pays off handsomely.

I had a very interesting talk with a fella at Tire Guard. They don't sell their policy to the general public directly, but through dealers. They don't sell in Wisconsin or California (and perhaps other states) because it's considered 'insurance', and they are not licensed to sell insurance. "O.k.," I asked, "what dealers - Les Schwab, Tire Rack?" "No", he said, "but I can give you the name of a dealer in Wicksum, Michigan", so I got the telephone number and called them. They are an RV dealer; not a tire dealer, and write these policies on MH's they sell. Doesn't matter how many wheels you have. Not sure if they sell tires seperately, but didn't ask. The policy covers the tires on the MH; not the tires individually (by serial number), so if you have a covered road hazard, it could be on the same position multiple times and still be covered. Now here's the bottom line: The price is $375 for 5 year coverage or $425 for 7 years. That's total years from new; not beyond the mfg. warranty.  Sounds to me like you're betting $375 that you'll have a road hazard failure within 5 years, or $475 within 7 years. Kind of sounds like adding Ziebart rustproofing over and above what the manufacturer does to cars to begin with. Remember Ziebart only covered rust-through; not surface rust. This covers only road hazards - subject to interpretation I guess.

Decide for yourself if it's something you want or need. 
RV dealer in WIXOM, Michigan... General RV?  (I know them well, State's largest RV dealer)

Strangely their next door neighbor is a tire dealer... the one they contract with) 
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