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Mike in Texas

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May 15, 2006
New Braunfels, TX
While on our second outing in our new Monaco two weeks ago, the fellow in the next slot in an RV park told me about the Pressure Pro tire pressure monitoring system he had on his rig. After returning home, I checked into the system and the potential consequences of having a low or flat tire on the RV and especially on a towed vehicle. Of course I was put off by the high cost, but after considering the cost and potential consequences of just one blowout I decided to make the investment. Somewhere in this forum the name Bernie Dobrin, a forum member, was mentioned as a source. I contacted him and sent him a check yesterday.

Since doing that, two things have happened that reinforced the decision. While driving from New Braunfels to San Antonio yesterday, we passed a huge wrecker towing a box body delivery truck. I don't know what the cause was, but the duals on both sides of the truck had burned, melting the aluminum sides of box body.

The second thing that happened was a bit closer to home. Two days ago I took our 2003 Z2 Tracker to the Chevy dealer for an oil change. I had been hearing a faint "whump, whump" sound when driving it at very low speeds for a very long time but had felt no vibration at higher speeds. The three year warranty expires in July, so I decided to have the dealer check it. They called yesterday to tell me that I had a tread separation in one of the rear tires, causing a bubble that making the noise. They were surprised that I had not had vibration at highway speed. They are replacing the tire under warranty without my having to pay anything.

I had towed the Tracker 500 miles on the trip when when the fellow RVer told me about the Pressure Pro system. I did not know at that time how close I was to having a blow out on my towed vehicle.


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Mar 12, 2005
Just today on our way into Branson we passed a southbound rig fixing a flat on the left rear of his toad. My wife asked me how he knew he had a flat. I told her that he probably had a pressure Pro system or something similar. She said that probably saved him considerable damage and that maybe we ought to look into it. Yes!!!!  ;D Finally got the blessing.
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