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May 31, 2005
Well I bought new tires  and I am very disappointed ... the ride is terrible.  It feels like one or more of the tires it out of balance.  The vibration is the worst at about 60 - 65 mph.  I don't feel it in the steering wheel but the whole coach seems to vibrate.  If I had to guess it would be the font tires and it feels like the front left.  Any advise would be welcomed.  Have any of you had this happen? I will take the motorhome back to the tire dealer on Monday.
The tire(s) may need balancing if they didn't do that.  You don't say what size wheels you have, but the larger wheels are not always self centering, but need to have the runout checkes when the wheels are mounted.  Either of those conditions can cause vibration.

What size and brand of tire did you get? How did they balance them? When I replaced the tires on our MH I had them use equal to balance the tires. I have been very happy with it.
If it were me, I would immediately go back to the dealer and complain. It could be that one or more of the tires are out of round enough to cause the problem and should be replaced. Did you also get the alignment checked when the tires were replaced? What brand and size tires do you have? Were they properly balanced when you had them changed?
You have a bad balancing job or a tire beginng to suffer blistering and tread separation -- defective installation or defective tire.  Take them back to the dealer on warranty. 
As the others have said - at least one tire is out of round and insufficiently balanced to compensate or (rarely) the tread is separating becasue it is a defective tire.  It's even possible that the tire is so far out of round that it cannot be properly balanced.

In either case, go back to the dealer for correction.
I have an appointment on Tuesday for the tire guy.  I remember when I was a kid that out-of-round was an issue but I had hoped that was a thing of the past and not a issue anymore.  I just hope I can get it fixed without a hassle.
The tires are Goodyear G670RV  245/70R19.5.  They did a spin balance.  What is an equal balance?

Equal is a powder that is inserted inside the tire cavity to automatically balance tires as you drive down the road.
Interesting that they are Goodyear tires. I have read many posts on this and other forums about people experiencing out of round problems with Goodyear. From what I have read, if you get a good set you will love them, but if one or more are out of round you will hate them. Your dealer should have no problem determining if that is your problem. You should expect a replacement tire if you have one or more out of round.
TNRoy  Same here.  Heard lots a bad things  So what did I do  Bought Goodyears and then made the Ford dealer take them off the car and he installed Goodrich  What a difference  Heck they might be the same tire  but sure perform differenty. 
Goodrich tires are made by Michelon.  BFGoodrich sold their tire division to Michelon about 1985.  Today, Goodrich is entirely an aerospace company.
Shayne said:
TNRoy? ?Same here.? Heard lots a bad things? So what did I do? ?Bought Goodyears and then made the Ford dealer take them off the car and he installed Goodrich? What a difference? ?Heck they might be the same tire? ?but sure perform differenty.?

I had a set of Goodyear T/As on my Bronco when it was new.  At 18K miles, on a dirt road the left rear simply exploded -- all that was left was the tread hanging around the rim.  I kicked the rest off and went to BFG ATs.

I have about 4,000 miles on my G670s and absolutely love them.  They are a gread ride improvement. Can't imagine ever using anything else.  Most higher end coaches have standardized on the G670s as they are designed specifically for RVs.
My experience with Michelin tires has been very good.  My Michelins had 80,000 miles on my truck when I traded it in and I think I could have got another 10-15,000 based on tire tread remaining. When I replace my current tires on my new truck, I will go back to Michelin because of my good experience with them on my truck and vans.  But I've never needed to get a warranty adjustment so I can't comment on theirwarranty  response compared to others.
My experience with Michelins was just the opposite.  Based on previous experience it is very unlikely we will ever have a Michelin tire on any vehicle.  Just replaced the Goodyear G159 tires on the Eagle with new G670RV tires because of their age.  After nearly 100K miles they had lots of tread. We are very satisfied with the G670RV tires and the ride has even improved.
Well here's the next installment ... just got back from tire dealer two, a truck shop, they did a re-balance of all six.  No real improvement.  As I accelerate the vibration becomes very noticeable at 60 ... seems to get a little better and then very bad at 70.  It does feel like it is coming and going a little ... I don't know if it is my wishful thinking or if it really does get a little better and then gets worse.  Has anyone had a tire out of round?  I don't seem to feel it in the steering wheel it more like the whole coach is shaking.  Could it be one of the back tires?
If the tire is indeed in balance, then you have either one that is out-of-round, or that the tread is not on straight.  Tread being out of alignment is less likely than the tire being out of round, but both conditions are known.  Unfortunately, I have had them both in the past.  If it is out of round, it can be trued up.  If the tread is out of alignment, it must be replaced. 

If you can jack the tire up off the ground, You can get a fair idea by placing an object near the center of the tread, and spinning the tire.  Watch the distance between the object and the tread.  If you see this distance change, the tire is out of round. 

Now place the object next to the outside edge of the tread where it meets the sidewall.  Spin the tire and watch the tread alignment while looking from the front of the tire.  You will know if the tread is out of alignment very quickly.

If both these test show nothing wrong, then place the tire in any position you wish, hold it in place, then turn it loose.  Does it stay where you placed it?  If it rotates, it is out of balance.  If it does not move, then move the top of the tire to the 3-O'Clock position and see if it moves.  If it does not, move it to the 6-O'Clock position. 

If none of these test show any problem, well, perhaps you should have the front end alignment checked along with the steering linkage.

Good luck,

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