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Aug 15, 2005
I have become the new owner of a 1976 GMC Vandura Midas class C motorhome. My wife and I have been working on getting it restored and ready for the road. It is now time to put some new rubber on this rig. The current tires are 8.00R16.5 D. I was looking at a set of 8.75R16.5 D and was wondering if these would work with dual rear wheels on my coach. My question is will the increased width of the tires cause interferance between the 2 wheels of the set of duals? The 8.75 tire size seems to be more available than the 8.00, this is why I am considering the change. Well of course there is always the $$$ factor too which is always a part of the consideration too. We are very excited to get on the road but are really going over this thing with a fine toothed comb.
The tire dealer should have the full specs on the tire, including the required spacing when used as a dual.  [Whether he can find it or will bother is another question!]  It may also be on the tire manufacturers web site if you hunt for it - sometimes it can be hard to locate.  Compare that to the same specs for your existing tires or crawl under and try to measure what you now have, being sure to have the inflation correct for your load.

Dual spacing can be tricky - even the same size tire in a different model or brand may well have different spacing requirements because it depends a lot of the sidewall construction and inflation specs.

Also make sure your rims can handle the wider tire.  The min/max rim size will also be in the full tire specs.
The idea sounds simple enough. Now I'll try and track down the info, specs and see what will fit. Thanks for the reply.

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