toaster oven recommendations?

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
I'm interested in feedback about desirable and undesirable toaster ovens.  What are some drawbacks to avoid?  What are some features to pursue?  They all seem to be too small to hold even a small 12" pizza. 

I saw an infomercial for the Black & Decker infrawave speed oven.  The old model 100 is discontinued, and the new model 150 isn't released yet, according to Amazon.  Any opinions on the infrawave cooking process and ovens?  I read some reviews of a couple other brands, and things like cracking and melting oven parts seemed to be problems.  I think a lot of the rave reviews are done by people who have used an item only a few times and haven't learned its flaws yet or found out it fails after a few weeks.

I prefer that price not limit recommendations.  I believe you get what you pay for. 

I've had 3 or4 toaster ovens.  The last 2 were Delonghi (sp) toaster/convection ovens. Got them at Best Buy.  I've been very happy with them.  I've baked pie crusts. biscuits, cakes, cookies, and pizza.  Also mac & cheese, meat loaf, and chicken.  They're great for hot dogs, too.  Depending on what you making, you have to reduce the temperature by 25 to 50 d.  Disposal pans are really, really great.  The fudge/brownie pans work great for homemade pizza and cookie sheets.  The mini broiler pans will hold 6 hot dogs, or a couple of steaks.  I use the top part of the broiler pan that comes with the oven for a cooling rack for cooling pies and cookies.  Canned rolls, and bread sticks come our nice.  I do find that i have to use a timer.  And usually have to rotate items while baking, which helps in getting things baked more evenly.  If you like your toast dark, a toaster over tends to dry the bread more than a regular toaster.  But all in all, i get alot of use out of mine.  So much that i have never used my rv oven, between 1 tt, and 2 fiver's. 

Good Luck in your search.


Thanks for all the info.  I'm a big DeLonghi fan.  I was reading about some of the ovens.  It's useful to know what you've cooked in it and I will definitely remember the suggestion to turn the food.  I assume you find it practical for reheating.  And preheating probably doesn't take long as well.

The website is helpful with useful info such as inside dimensions and wattage.  The Target website is worthless with gushing generalities about how wonderful each one is. 

One oven is 1600 watts.  That's too much for my circuit.  One is 1400, which is just under the limit.  None seem able to hold a 12" pizza, but since space is a huge issue here, it's a good thing I don't care much for pizza.  I should probably take a couple pans along to try in them. 

I have absolutely zero space in here for a toaster oven.  I'm going to have to move my laser printer...well, someplace.  I just don't like using my microwave-convection oven, because I'm not confident that the space is adequately heat protected.  Plus, I love new gadgets.

Do you do TV dinners in the toaster oven?  I assume they'd have to be replated.

Well, I rather like my Aroma Toaster Ovens / Rotisserie

Which I got a few years ago, It's larger than most toaster ovens and can do additional duty as well

Features,  Oven, (Will cook a 9" pie) broiler, rotisserie, griddle (yes it's a griddle) and toaster,  Did "Texas Toast" perfectly

I've never had another product do that.

Does cookies just fine too

Sadly.... Out of production.
My oven had 2 racks.  So I can make 2 at a time, which comes out to a 12" pizza.  Gotta rotate tho.  I make reheat alot.  Just have to remember, that the food is already cooked, so use a lower temperature.  I make my own TV dinners.  And they bake just fine.  When We had a pop-up, I would take my toaster oven outside to bake, cause I had zero room.  Worked great.

Good Luck
Piazzas  We have a Tombstone Piazza oven and just plug that sucker in and 12 minutes later  Walla.  Only way to fly.  Taste better and we always eat fresh food.  Never make or buy TV dinners.  Too many preservatives.

Regarding Toaster Ovens, I have been thinking about one for our rig. I went on the Consumer Reports web site and found that their recommendation was one from Sears it was rated good all around and only $80.00. Not sure at this point I will go this route since our rig has a microwave/convection oven and the oven in the rig works well now that I use a themometer and the air baked pan on the self to even out the heat.

Dorothy :)
This is as close as I can get to the one I use.  IT IS BIG as toaster ovens go, Big enough to cook a pair of Cornish Game hens in fact or a small chicken.  Does pies, cookies and Texas Toast  See mine at QZ if you like

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