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Nov 7, 2011
Dec. 10 is finally here and today is the day they are gonna' fix my knee.  (i hope)
During my last batch of test the doctors discovered that my ''gamagoblin'' (blood) was kinda low concerning iron.  They put me on Iron Pills to build up my iron in my blood.  Believe me, you dont want to take ''iron pills''........
First of all, they never disolve in milk and you can crack your teeth if you try to chew them.  You will have  a tendency to ''clink'' when you walk and if you get the ''runs'', you could break your comode.......
they also discovered that I had a ''you-r-nary'' track infection so they put me on a regiment of stuff to drink.  I have drank so much Cranberry Juice and water that my ''Pee'' is purple and my water bill will be a fortune from flushing my comode this month...
I just made Willa a cup of coffee and I decided to come in here and type or I might murder her for a ''sip of coffee''.....
the doctor said the opperation would last maybe an hour and a half and I would be a whole new person, except I would make the ''thingie'' at the airports beep now. 
One good side to this whole thing is that I can not take a shower for at least ten days and the Nurse told me that Willa would have to give me ''Sponge Baths''..........SPONGE BATHS......HEHEHEHEHEH......This may not be so bad after all......
Anyhow,  this will be my last post for a while till I get to where I can walk from the bed room to the computer room.
You guys take care and I will see you on the flip side ........cj...

Pray for the safety of our troops .......cj

We pray all will go well with your surgery today, that your pain would be minimal, you'd have no complications and that therapy will go well. Also praying for a quick and speedy recovery.

-Trevor & Roni
Hope all goes well, Seajay. A friend just had one knee done last month and the other is scheduled for next week. She says the surgery is easy but the physical therapy afterwards is a real bear!
By time of my post you'll be well on your way to a new knee! I've had this same surgery x2, so won't bore you with what you'll experience after surgery and PT starts. Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you (and Willa...yeah, she's gonna need prayer & patience, too), and THIS TOO SHALL PASS, and you'll soon be looking back wondering why you didn't do it sooner. Best regards, Linda
I have had both done but not at the same time, and to say PT is a bear is a understatement for my first surgery.  The 2nd knee was pretty easy but the 1st, well I cannot describe it on here or my comments will be beeped over.
All in all it was very much worth it as I now can walk without knee pain. :)
I had both knees done in 2006  one in June and the other in September. Do what you are told to do and you should be fine. After a year you forget its not your own. Only the Zipper on you leg and a sight numbness on the outside of the knee will tell you that it was done.
Good Luck
It ain't magic! You MUST do the physical therapy afterwards or it's a waste of time.
Thank goodness my knees are still ok, but want to wish you all the best.
Judging from all the good comments you are going to be very happy with your new knee.
Hopefully you won't clank from the residual iron  ;D
Good exercise for you to make sure you remain moving.

Go to the local airport and walk back and forth through the scanner.

Get every giggle you can now, because once Willa finds you are using your new knee to chase other women, it won't be pretty!

Just funnin you-hope you have a speedy recovery!
For whatever reason, both my knees are fine - but had to have both hips replaced. They were both "bone on bone" as described by my Kaiser surgeon. Recovery was about  5 to 6 weeks for each one as far as being able to move outside of my rig, drive, and so forth. Then about 6 months to really feel solid again.

As to PT, that was not bad at all -- in fact, I looked forward to the sessions. The PT person that came to my RV twice a week was pretty strict w/me. She was not happy that I lived by myself in an RV. Kaiser also provided an occupational therapist who had to come up with new ideas for the old buy that lived in an RV.

And as to having both done at the same time, the surgeon did not recommend it. He explained that during PT, I would be shown how to place weight on my good leg - but if both are done at the same time, I would not have a good leg.

I wish you well, SJ . . . (btw, I was a SeaBob).

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