Todays travel and question about great falls

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Jul 5, 2016
Winter springs fl
Today we saw mt rushmore, crazy horse, and drove the needles highway.  All were amazing!
Tomorrow we head for billings, then to great falls, montana  The representative on the koa reservation line said our pull through was all the way to the back with a new Walmart next to it.  It was all she had.  We cant wait.  Bet it has a great view!  Lol  Just a place to lay our head on our way to glacier!  Anything great to see or do there?
The great falls of the Missouri is worth it as is the Charlie Russle museum.  Lived there bqck in the 60s when I was stationed at Malmstrom.
You don't want to miss The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center.  It's really interesting and very well presented.  Then, of course, you'll want to see the actual falls area on the river that the expedition had to portage around.  In addition, there's a Charles M. Russell museum with works of bronze as well as watercolors, sketches, illustrated letters, etc.  Russell was extremely talented.

i agree on the lewis and clark center.
giant springs state park also worth a look.
that koa is a joke ben there stayed there - the new part is a field with no trees the old part is small and heavily treed and quite nice - no internet in the new part either and very expensive even for a Koa i agree with the other L&C and head to glazier its beautiful - hop over the border and go to lethbridge very cheap with the US dollar right now just leave your guns at the border if you have any

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