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Oct 9, 2018
Hello again everyone,

I've finally resolved some backup camera issues and have the system installed, up and running.  However, I've confirmed directly with Keystone that this pre-wired, camera ready system is set up so that the camera is on and receiving power any time the tow vehicle is connected OR ANY TIME the 12V battery is connected and active.  This was a bit of a disappointment because I don't want this camera on and using my 12V battery system at all times.  I have no desire to use it for security purposes or anytime other than towing/reversing.  It wouldn't be an issue when I'm fully connected with a shore line, but if we're dry camping with no electricity I don't want to waste any battery power on a camera I'm not using.

So the easiest solution I thought of that doesn't involve disconnecting the camera every time we arrive at our site is to install a simple, SPST toggle switch.  This seems like a relatively easy project - famous last words.

My understanding: if I'm lucky enough to find and have access to the power line that comes directly from the backup camera, then I would simply cut the hot lead that delivers the power to that camera and install this SPST switch in that line (one lead bringing power to the toggle switch, the other lead leaving the toggle switch and going to the camera delivering that power when the circuit is closed.  Is that accurate?  I assume that further up the line that camera gets tied in with another device (interior light, etc.) - so I'd prefer to install the switch before that point if possible so I'm not losing access to any other lights or devices when the camera is switched off.
Yeah, that's the way to do it if possible. The switch can go anywhere between the camera and it's power source.

Typically the camera itself uses very little power - it's just a light sensor. The power consumption to be more concerned about is the display of the video. Is the camera connected to a display inside the trailer, or does it only display on a monitor in the tow vehicle?
To a monitor in the tow vehicle.  Which is another reason it's pointless to have it running all the time because I'm not going to be using the monitor to receive it unless I'm in the tow vehicle.  But that's good to know about the minimal power consumption, if it ends up being too difficult to get to the wire or if I'd have to interrupt service to any other fixtures/devices then maybe I'll just deal with it.

Thanks for your quick reply and info!
Have you check to make sure your camera stays on once the truck is disconnected.

My TT came pre-wired and the Camera is only on when the running lights are turned on.

It might be worth a look
If the camera is connected to the RV battery.. YES. you have the proper plan

Original circuit
new circuit

THe hard part.. Finding a place to park the switch.
Gizmo: I haven't verified that yet, and I have the battery in storage on float for the winter, but I definitely plan on checking before I actually start the project.  It's good to have the response directly from Keystone but I'd still like to make sure myself;

John: yeah we'll see how that turns out.  If I'd have to get too crazy to gain access to the wire or if the switch is going to look shoddy wherever I'd have to install it then I'll probably just live with it as-is.  Maybe just unplug the camera at the site if it's having more of an affect on the battery power than I'm happy with.

Thanks again everyone!
Go to your entrance panel. All your 12 volt fuses may be there. Locate the fuse for the camera. If you have one, tap into that wire with your switch.

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