Toni & Sherri's bus conversion

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Jan 13, 2005
It's been a while since Toni and Sherri started their bus conversion project. Check out these "before conversion" photos to get an idea of what they started with.

Anyone seen Toni or Sherri around lately? I'd love to see the finished product of their efforts.


  • left exterior pior to conversion.jpg
    left exterior pior to conversion.jpg
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  • right exterior prior to conversion.jpg
    right exterior prior to conversion.jpg
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  • interior prior to conversion.jpg
    interior prior to conversion.jpg
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  • prior to conversion - seats removed.jpg
    prior to conversion - seats removed.jpg
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Just wondering why we haven't heard more on this project or has it been scraped?
Haven't heard from them Shayne. I sure would like to see the progress and/or the finished product.
Neither do I Shayne. Lost contact when we moved the forum from the old location.
Toni and Sherri   where are you???????????????????????????   from  Comeback Shayne.  My Birth name was Shane and after they had that little short fart play my part I changed it to Shayne.  LOL  Darn  Curious minds want to know.
Just as an update to this posting, I did some googling to find a bit more about the latest happenings of Toni and Sherri.
Nothing found. Wonder how they went with it?
I've often wondered Ian, and would have liked to see the finished project. I assume that, f they posted anywhere, it might have been under a different title.

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