Too Many Keys and Too Many Locks

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Dec 30, 2018
East Texas
Seems like i cant do anything without having to carry my keys around with me (both sets).  A lock here and there and everywhere.  Im so tired of having to stop and go get my keys so i can get stuff done.  I hate thieves for th is very reason as it makes me have to lock everything up, inside and outside. 
I keep the trailer keys on a cuphook over the sofa, of course if somebody breaks in and finds them they have access to all the compartments but that has not happened yet. I mean, who is gonna bother with an old Prowler? That guy has no money lol. It is a pain, all the locks are different. I should replace them.
I have gone to electronic locks where I can.  Really like the one on my 5th wheel.  As for padlocks I have them all re-keyed so I only need to carry one key for all of them.
lavarock1210 said:
I have gone to electronic locks where I can.

Are they keypad locks, or a keyfob like I have for my car? Or something new? Do they have their own batteries?

I'm thinking about a keypad type for my S&B.  :-\
Look up BOLT locks. They have a variety of locks (trailer, padlock, hitch, toolbox) that are mechanically matched to your vehicle key. You just insert your vehicle key and turn it once and it is mechanically matched. They don't have a cabinet lock or an RV door lock yet, so you would still need to carry those, but it would remove the need for separate trailer keys at least.
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