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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Framily.

Jack and I have been watching the news reports about the tornadoes in central Florida. We know that there are RV Forum Framily in that area. We are concerned for their safety and well being. Please check in to let us know if you are OK. 


We're with the Brincks in Ocala and we're fine. Had quite a T&L show and heavy rain last night, but the worst missed us. Talked with Jim and Pat and they said that TGO waqs fine.
Hi Liz

We stayed at Three flags at the start of December - around 3 miles from the main damage areas - VERY SCARY thought !!

There are some photos HERE

We are now at Bradenton and had really bad weather come thru around 7am to 8am this morning.

Time to send Tom back to California I think  ;D

Hope everyone in FL is OK.

I hope all is well for any "Framily" members in central FL ...

Gary B.  I assume the damage was south of your home.

Prayers for all affected


I haden't noticed the previous post  ... couldn't figure out how to delete

One storm went about 15 miles south of us and another went about 15 miles north. Just some rain here in the Melbourne area. Glad to hear Tom and Gary are OK up there in Silver Springs.
Thanks for the concern and prayers.
I think we are all OK. Tom & Chris Jones are here at our place and we had no damage, though a few neighboors had tree limbs down or screens blown out. Lots of severe thunderstorms and wind squalls, though.  The tornadoes were southwest of here in Lady Lake and also due east near Deland, both about 30-40 miles away from here.

Have not heard of any damage over on the coast where the Dicks, Palleys, Malones, and a few others are located. 
No problem in Port Orange/Daytona except for a semi that was blown over and closed I95 and I4 for a while. Should be cleared up by now.
Wayne & Bruce,

Glad to hear you folks are safe.
We had fairly heavy winds yesterday prior to the storm. This morning it was raining pretty heavily but there isn't any noticeable damage around the Titusville area. Bad weather went through north of us and did quite a bit of damage in the Leesburg area. The Villages apparently were hit pretty hard in Lady Lake.
Doing okay in the Cocoa/Rockledge area.  A couple of lines of thunderstorms came through this morning and we had a tornado warning early, but all passed without incident.
Hi Frank,

Didn't know you were in the Cocoa area. We get down to Merritt Island quite frequently. Good to hear we all seem to have survived the storms.
Howdy, Framily.
Thanks to all that replied to our "Framily check-in request". Glad to hear that everyone is OK. Phew!!

Best regards,
Jack and Liz
Checked with friends at Willow Lakes just north of Titusville.  All is well there.
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