Toshiba 5005 Settlement Notice

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
Owners of Toshiba Satellite 5005 series Model 5005-S504 04 5005-S507 notebook computer may be eligible for a class action settlement which included the option of a $1500 certificate, $1000 cash if the computer is returned or $500 and you keep the computer.? ?To qualify the computer must have suffered from overheating, spontaneous shutdown and processor degradation.

Details are available at the SETTLEMENT SITE or by calling (800) 207) 0343 to receive a claim form for submission.

Deadline for claims is June 27, 2005
If you submitted a claim under this action,  settlement checks are expected to be sent out toward the end of August, 2005.  Call the toll free number with your settlement file number, located on your submission form, for specific details on your file.
Settlement checks are being mailed out at present.  In addition people who chose the $500 refund settlement plus keep the computer are being granted 18 month warranty extension unexpected bonus to the settlement.  If the local repair center is not aware of the warranty extension, contact Toshiba headquarters at (800) 457-7777.

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