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May 15, 2011
Can you use a tow bar that you can purchase at Harbor Freight for around 90 bucks rather than a 1200 dollar + blue ox
Sure you could, I wouldn't, but you could. Myself I like the $600ish Falcon II for a mid priced, easy to use, safe and secure option.

I bought my Blue OX on E bay for under $500.  Check Craigs List, E Bay or Hitch trader. There are lots avalible for half the cost of a new one.
We used an A-frame tow bar similar to the one Harbor Freight sells, currently on sale for $69.99, and rated at 5,000 lbs, although mine was American made rather than Chinese made. I still needed some way to attach the tow bar to the towed vehicle, and had something fabricated for this purpose.

When I arrived at my destination and unhooked the car from the motorhome, I had the choice of driving the car around with the A-frame sticking up above the hood (illegal in some states if too high), or completely removing and storing the tow bar. By contrast, the Blue Ox and Roadmaster tow bars stay attached to the motorhome and telescope.

One disadvantage of the A-frame is that it's more difficult to get it aligned than the telescoping kind when hooking up. Also, since we now tow a Suburban, it far exceeds the rating of the Harbor Freight A-frame. We opted for a Roadmaster tow bar rated at 10,000 lbs.
There is a huge difference in convenience and weight capacity between the $90 one and the $1200 one, plus for $1200 you should get everything needed (base plates, tow bar, lighting) whereas the $90 is just one piece (the A-frame tow bar).  Blue Ox makes some much less expensive tow bars too.
Just curious....did you want to use the Harbor Freight tow bar to tow the 2007 silverado 2500HD Crew cab 6.6 diesel in your other post?

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