Tow Vehicle For Legacy 328

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Nov 9, 2005
DW and I are going to Get Kustom Koach Legacy 328 later this year. Were going to need a new tow vehicle. (Due to business reasons will be limited to Ford's)
5'er Specs
Length Bumper To Pin 32'5"
Overall Length? ? ? ? ? ? 37'5"
Dry Hitch Weight? ? ? 2,053lbs.
Dry Axle Weight? ? ? ?9,387lbs.
GVWR? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?13,500lbs.

Truck Will be daily Driver but will be used for towing 40% of Time.
Is this unit pushing it For F-350 SRW 6.0 PSD Crew Cab 4x4

Or should we be looking at F-350 Crew Cab 4x4 Dually With either 4.10 or go with the Tow Boss Pkg.

Cause of amount we want to tow we want it set up for comfortable towing more so than as daily Driver.
Would prefer SRW, but am leaning towards dually for more comfortable Towing experience.

Would appreciate any advice.
Thanks Trap
You have to do the arithmetic on the truck's GCWR and carrying capacity (payload).  I think the truck you want will handle it (just!), but you need to review the specs to be sure.

The trailer hitch weight when loaded will be substantially more than the dry weight, so allow yourself some head room.

Also see the other thread here about a 2006 Superduty. Another member has been told his 2006 is too tall to pull any fifth wheel.  It has not yet been established whether this is true or whether the RV dealer involved is being ultra-conservative.
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