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Feb 19, 2010
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We are going to buy a 5000# TT.I have learned from reading the Forum the importance of having the right tow vehicle and hitch.I am considering a Yukon 2500 with 9600# capacity or an Infinity QX56 with 8900#.Is there other factors to be considered when choosing.
What do you like the best?  For a 5000 I assume that is GVWR trailer you could pull that with vehicles like  a Tahoe, a Tacoma, or an Explorer.  If this is a "dry" number then please do yourself a big favor, forget it.  If your family is big enough then a 2500 Suburbal is a good choice.  But for a smaller family is it really necessary?  Only you can decide.  Between your two choices I would probably pick the Suburban for the longer wheel base and strong motor.  The Nissan is a quality product, so it is a tough decision.
If this is a "dry" number then please do yourself a big favor, forget it.

Donn is right forget the dry number and use the GVWR. It best to figure the trailer too heavy than using dry weight or too low of weight. Also consider the weight in the tow vehicle as well. There is going to be you and your family and other gear.

Give a feel... Click the link in my signature my weight specs are listed.
Besides tow capacity, I would give some weight to wheelbase (longer is better for towing) and engine torque & horsepower vs RPMs - the lower in the RPM range that the torque and hp is produced, the better.

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